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Francisco Fonseca

Recruitment at HackerSchool

HackerSchool1 min read

HackerSchool is an academic association that focuses on developing activities in a multidisciplinary environment, with a learn-by-doing mindset alongside peers, all inspired by the Hacker culture.

The HackerSchool recruitment had two phases:

  1. Forms where you give information about yourself and your preferences.
  2. Interview to determine if you enter or not the nucleus.

1st Phase

The forms asked all the main questions you would expect from "Do you do any extracurricular activities?" to "What are some ideas for projects you would like to pursue?", etc.

2nd Phase

The interview was very relaxed and a great opportunity to clarify some of the information from the forms.

The final question was a fun brain teaser "How would you explain the colour blue to a blind person?" which I found very amusing as well as challenging.

After getting the confirmation of entrance in our first official meeting we were able to choose a team to start a project!

You can read more about HackerSchool in this link.

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