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Francisco Fonseca


Welcome to my website!

My name is Francisco Fonseca and I am a Aerospace Engineer student at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) at Universidade de Lisboa.

I did MIT Flight Vehicle Engineering Capstone Course as part of a collaboration with MIT Portugal Program. The course theme was a preliminary design of a Stratospheric Climate Observing System based on high altitude solar electric observing platforms. Although intended for fourth year students, I was selected during my second year. I was a member of the Avionics team and finished with grade A.

Here is a list of current active projects/collaborations:

  • HackerSchool:

    • Board member with the following tasks:

      • Management of the Nucleus Projects.
      • Organization of the Nucleus Workshops.
      • Creator and Organizer of the internal Capture the Flag Cybersecurity competitions.
    • Active member:

      • Project HS Robotic Logo Arm (Creator and Active Member):

        • Project Theme: Robotic arm that mimics the users drawing with a camera on a piece of paper.
        • Task: Develop the software dedicated to the drawings (Robotics, C ++ and OpenCV).
      • Project HS Game (Creator and Project Manager):

        • Project Theme: Multi game platform developed in Unity.
        • Task: Manage the project’s tasks and work delegation.
      • Project HS Robot (Active Member):

        • Project Theme: Labyrinth solver robot equipped with an arm capable of picking up objects recognized with a camera.
        • Task: Development of the environment interaction of the robot (Robotics, Simulation, C ++, OpenCV and Systems).
  • AeroTec:

    • Project UAV - Alameda Research Team (UAV-ART) (Active Member of the Control Team):

      • Project Theme:
      • Design and develop autonomous aircrafts.
      • Task:
        • Develop a control simulation for the aircraft’s autonomous landing sequence(Simulation, Simulink, Systems and Control).
    • Project Olissipo Air Team (OAT) (Active Member of the Electronics Team):

      • Project Theme:
        • Design and develop an aircraft for the Air Cargo Challenge competition taking place in Munich in 08/2022.
      • Task:
        • Assemble the aircraft’s electronic system and develop a control simulation (Systems, Python, Simulation and Control).
  • IPFN - Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear:

    • Project FRIENDS(Fleet of dRones for radIological inspEction, commuNication anD reScue):
      • Project Theme:
        • Design, develop and validate a fleet of drones equipped with navigation and radiological sensors for inspection and monitoring of scenarios with nuclear threats.
      • Task:
        • Help with design, construction and assembly of drones for the fleet (Robotics,3D Modelling, 3D Printing, Systems and Electronics).
  • MOV.AI - The Robotics Engine Platform™:

    • Project Theme:
      • Autonomous Mobile Robots development in a Robotics Engine platform based on ROS.
    • Task:
      • Simulation of drones with sensors and autonomous navigation for transport of packages in an external environment with obstacles.
  • AeroLiga:

    • Tasks:
      • Management of a small team that works to find new sponsorship opportunities for the biggest university football competition at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa.
      • Create the legal and financial basis which allows this organization to establish stable partnerships.
      • Negotiate deals to improve the financial conditions of the organization.
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